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Waterfall of Glandieu

From the 3 Lacs campsite in Savoie, you will only be 20 minutes from the famous Glandieu waterfall!

A waterfall over 60 meters high

A flood of water over 60 meters high, the Glandieu waterfall at Brégnier-Cordon is a magnificent natural site. The Glandieu waterfall belongs to an area classified as Sensitive Natural Space. The waters of the fall are those of the Gland river, which flows down to the Rhône. The site is home to significant biodiversity, including protected species of bats, birds, fish and molluscs. Bats nest in the cave of Glandieu, a cavity which also presents sublime concretions: flows, stalactites and stalagmites. The falls themselves offer a magical setting: the water descends an unusual rock formation, on which it forms a complex set of nets. The waterfall is precisely made up of two successive falls. Below, a basin is formed, with crystal clear waters. Depending on the season and the water flow, the aquatic lace formed by the waterfall turns into powerful falls. Several points of view allow you to admire or photograph this particularly instagramable natural site: it is visible from the roadside, and you can also enjoy it for a longer time on the terrace of the restaurant opposite.


7km hike around the Glandieu waterfall

A pleasant 7 km loop that is easy to do with the family, the water trail offers a walk from Brégnier-Cordon to the Glandieu waterfall, passing by sites of historical, architectural and natural interest. The outward route follows the Gland river to the waterfalls, and the return crosses the ancient marshes of the Rhône plain. The start of the walk is at the parking lot of the village hall of Brégnier-Cordon. It is therefore easy to park for hiking. An explanatory panel announces the contrasting landscapes that you will have the opportunity to cross, between the limestone hillside characterized by its drought and the otherwise humid areas of the Gland valley and the Rhône plain. The path is then very well marked. The outward circuit is dotted with viewpoints on the Rhône plain. It also goes through important sites to understand the history of water use upstream of the waterfall: washhouse, village water tank, pipes and old marble sawmill, then powered by hydraulic power. After descending a staircase in the rock, the path arrives at the waterfall. When the flow of the Gland is not too great, the entrance to the Glandieu cave is clearly visible. The return from the hike, very pleasant, is through the wooded marshes.